Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (2024)

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (1)

The World’s Most Powerful Diode Laser For Hair Removal


Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (2)

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (3)

Eneka Pro

Professional Diode Laser Hair Removal Technology

Eneka PRO is a truly versatile Diode Laser platform with multiple power & wavelength options meaning you can tailor the system for your clinic requirements.

High Power Multi-Wavelength System

Eneka PRO is a Diode Laser device that allows quick, safe and effective Laser Hair Removal treatments. Results are guaranteed on all skin types and phototypes due to the high power (up to 5000W), large spot size and multiple wavelengths. Eneka PRO technology incorporates a cooling system that keeps the handpiece tip cold, minimising pain and protecting the skin.

Eneka PRO is one of the best selling professional Diode Laser machines in Europe and conforms to the demanding ISO 13485 quality certification for the manufacture of medical devices and aesthetic equipment.


Key Features

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (4) UP TO 5000W POWER

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (5) XL / MULTIPLE SPOT SIZES

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (6) 755NM – 1060NM WAVELENGTHS

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (7) TRAINING & MARKETING SUPPORT

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (8) FINANCE & UPGRADE OPTIONS

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (9) FDA CLEARED / CE CERTIFIED

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (10)

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (11)


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Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (12)

5000W Power

For Maximum Results

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (13)

High Speed

Fast Treatment Times

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (14)


All Hair + Skin Types

Cost Effective

How much revenue can Eneka generate for your clinic?


Versatile & Effective

The versatility of the 808nm laser diode handpiece adapts perfectly to suit all skin phototypes, regardless of the colour or thickness of hair. The high power of up to 5000 watts, the two functioning modes (DHR and FDHR) and the new spot sizes, boost the results considerably, offering a personalised solution that adapts to suit the needs of each area to be treated.

The 755nm wavelength is the most absorbed by the melanin, therefore is especially effective on light skin. (phototypes I to III). The 755nm handpiece eliminates the thinner and less pigmented hair permanently. It is equally effective with residual hair in multiple sessions.


High Power for Maximum Results

With the highest power of any professional Diode Laser Hair Removal machine, with up to 5000 optical watts power, while allowing the use of 1060nm, 808nm and 755nm wavelengths in the same device, Eneka PRO can guarantee the best results even on fine, residual hair.

Faster Treatments = More Patients

The Large Spot Size (10 x 9mm) XL (20 x 9mm) and 2XL (34 x 14mm) enables you to treat large areas much more quickly, meaning you can treat more patients. The repetition frequency (up to 4Hz DHR) makes Eneka PRO one of the quickest devices on the market.

Functional & Intuitive

Eneka PRO allows you to work with large doses of energy (DHR) and ultra short pulses or in blast mode (FDHR) with low doses of energy at maximum speed (10Hz). DHR functioning mode uses ultra short pulses with high doses of energy. This is ideal for all skin and hair phototypes. The working frequency (up to 4 Hz) is another characteristic of this functioning mode.

FDHR continuous mode works with intervals of maximum speed (up to 10Hz) and low fluence, that allow a gradual warming of the pilous bulb and does not cause the patient any unease, even on the most difficult conditions.


Cooling Technology

Contact Cooling Sapphire Tip System

The Sapphire Tip keeps the skin temperature between 0-5ºC at any working speed

Finance Options

Flexible finace options and upgrades available


See the results


Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (16)


Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (17)


Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (18)


Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (19)

*Results may vary from patient to patient

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Eneka PRO work?

Following the principle of the selective photothermolysis, it transforms the light emitted into heat, to selectively destroy the germinative cells of the pilous follicle. The melanin, the substance that gives the hair its colour, absorbs the laser light emitted and transforms it into heat, causing the denaturing of the pilous bulb without damaging the surrounding tissue.

What are the benefits of Eneka PRO?

The Eneka PRO innovative technology allows the best results from the first session, maximising the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Eneka PRO improves the skin quality, helping eliminate the encrusted hair and improving problems such as folliculitis.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes, provided it is applied by properly qualified and trained personnel. The All Types technology developed by TermoSalud generates energy and controlled in a localised way. The Eneka PRO Diode Laser Machine is effective on all skin tones, whatever the hair type and density, and all year round. Its innovative software prevents accidental errors.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

The device includes an innovative technology that achieves excellent results in permanent reduction of hair and adapts to the conditions and needs of each person. Laser hair removal with Eneka PRO eliminates permanently the active follicles in a course sessions.

Is the treatment painful?

The advanced cooling system keeps the handpiece tip cold, and therefore the treatment zone, rendering unnecessary the use of anaesthetics. Eneka PRO Laser technology minimises the pain and protects the skin so the treatment is more comfortable and easily tolerated by the patient.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of sessions depends on the body area to be treated, colour and thickness of the hair, skin type and the specific features of each patient. The treatment requires several sessions, since you must always treat the hair in the anagen or growth phase, and this is longer or shorter depending on the body areas. The treatment with Eneka PRO Laser device is ultra fast, because it allows to treat a larger area in the same session and significantly reduces the treatment time.

The length of each session depends on the FDHR or DHR working mode, and the surface of the zone to be treated. It can vary from 5 minutes for the upper lip to 15 minutes on the armpit or 40-50 minutes on the whole legs.

Are there pre / post treatment recommendations?

The days before the treatment, the patient should avoid the exposition to the sun, self-tanning and hair bleaching products. It is recommended to use total sun screening on the treated zone the days after the treatment and to not use other hair removal systems that eliminate the hair from the root.

What are the side effects?

The treatment with Eneka PRO machine minimises the risks, that are reversible in a short period of time: skin reddening, residual or perifollicular erythema, that disappear in 24/72 hours after the treatment, if the instructions of the operator are followed.

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Business Support

We provide the training for you to monetise your investment


Training & Marketing Support

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (20)

Whether you are an established clinic, upgrading your Laser equipment, or you are starting up a new cosmetic practice, Cosmeditech provide free certified training courses, finance & upgrade options, marketing & business support.


What our customers say

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (21)

"I purchased the Eneka Pro in July 22. After doing lots of research and feeling a little overwhelmed with which machine to go with, I finally decided on the Eneka after many conversations with Peter & Fay. There was no hard sell, just providing me with all the information I needed and answering all my questions. I carried out my training with Jenna which was fantastic, I felt confident and ready to start my laser journey. Jenna has also been amazing since in offering me help when I’ve needed it. I send her questions all the time and she comes back to me quickly with a detailed response. I could not recommend Cosmeditech more, my expectations have definitely been exceeded so far."

Jeanette Young

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (22)

"Started out my laser hair removal business 7 months ago, I was so anxious about taking a whole new path of my career but everyone at Cosmeditech were amazing from start to finish. Faye explained everything to me and I’m so happy with the machine. Jenna my trainer was incredible and has been so supportive to me she came down twice as I felt I needed a little more training before I opened my doors. And I contact her regularly with questions I have and she’s so good at getting back to me and explains everything so well, I would give more than 5stars. They have all been so great and not forgetting the engineers also were great. Machine is amazing my clients are so happy with their results."

Rosie Mendes

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (23)

"Deborah and her team are very professional. I purchased the Eneka pro 4,000w, no hard sell, just honest answers to all my questions. After a few months once I’d had the chance to work with the laser machine. I asked Deborah if I could go over a few things with one of the team. (Menopause brain😭) It’s very rare these days, you can ask for extra training & the company be so accommodating. Mary & Nadia are brilliant trainers, both very patient with me. 100% would recommend this company, best training & very supportive of your business. True professionals!!"

Sarah Harper

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (24)

"Both me & my colleague Paige both came for training with Nadia on 06/11/23. Nadia was extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Nadia made us both feel at ease and made sure we took our time and made us feel comfortable to ask any questions we didn’t feel we understood properly. Just by listening to Nadia explain in detail made everything made perfect sense and made us feel like we could walk out knowledgeable about the treatment we are going to be offering to our clients. She has provided us with enough information to feel confident and has also given us reassurance that if we ever need anything in the future that we can always contact her. Thank you so much, Nadia."

Bethany Woodhouse


Quality Manufacturing & Servicing

Eneka PRO offers the highest quality European design and manufacturing which provides clinically proven results. Alongside our educational programs and training workshops, we also offer flexible service maintenance plans to ensure you remain operational and provide the best services to your patients.

Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (25)


Power Supply230 V a.c 50/60 Hz / 110 V a.c 50/60 Hz (optional)
Maximum Consumption960 VA
InterfaceColor screen 10.2" Touch Screen Backlight LED
Functioning ModeDHR / FDHR
Cooling SystemCompressor System Chiller (R134a)
Laser ClassClass 4
SourceDiode laser AlGaAs
Wavelength755nm / 808nm / 1060nm
Optical Output Energy2000W / 4000W / 5000W
Pulse Duration3ms – 400ms
Repetition Rate1 – 10Hz
Spot Size10 x 9 mm (0.9 cm2) / 20 x 9 mm (1.8 cm2) / 34 x 14 mm (4.8 cm2)
CoolingContact Cooling Sapphire Tip System 0º – 5ºC
Ambient Functioning Temperature20 – 30ºC
Ambient Storage / Transporting Temperature0 – 40ºC
Air Pressure700 – 1060hPa
Relative Humidity<80ºC (without condensation)
Dimensions62cm (h) x 43cm (l) x 63cm (w)

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    Eneka PRO Laser Hair Removal Machine – Cosmeditech (2024)


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