Introducing Manulife Investment Management (2024)

Manulife Continues Transformation Journey By Unifying Its Global Institutional, Retail and Retirement Businesses

May 7, 2019

Toronto –Marking another important milestone in the Company’s transformation into the most digital, customer-centric global company in its industry, Manulife today announced it has unified its institutional, retail and retirement wealth and asset management businesses around the world under a single, new brand: Manulife Investment Management.

These businesses formerly operated under multiple brands and as separate units in different markets. Manulife Investment Management now brings its wealth management and investment expertise together across these three complementary business lines, and across the Americas, Asia and Europe, to better serve investors worldwide. This unified presence will provide customers and intermediaries with a more consistent, seamless entry into its various investment management businesses, including the launch of

The new brand allows Manulife Investment Management to extend its strengths deeper into existing channels and markets and strategically position products and solutions to both current and future investors. It will also bring additional capabilities to customers and drive efficiencies by leveraging the scale of the global wealth and asset management business. In addition, the business will now be better positioned to organically grow assets through an amplification and awareness of the size and offerings of the firm.

"Manulife Investment Management brings the absolute best of Manulife and John Hanco*ck’s wealth and asset management offerings to our customers through a strong, unified, structure and global brand,” said Paul Lorentz, President & CEO, Global Wealth & Asset Management. “Our value proposition is dependent on our commitment to our customers’ success and on our investment and wealth management expertise across both public and private asset classes, coupled with a global model that can be delivered regionally."

Manulife Investment Management Around the Globe

  • The retail business will use the Manulife Investment Management brand around the globe except in the U.S. where we will use John Hanco*ck Investment Management. This will replace Manulife Asset Management in Asia and Europe, Manulife Investments in Canada, and John Hanco*ck Investments in the United States.
  • As part of Manulife Investment Management, the retirement business will use the Manulife brand around the globe except in the United States, where we will use the John Hanco*ck brand. This will ensure we provide a consistent and more holistic approach to plan participants and plan members in each of the regions.
  • The newManulife Investment Management brand will also replace global legacy branding supporting the public markets’ institutional business, includingManulife Asset Management and John Hanco*ck Asset Management brands.
  • Across the Private Markets businesses, includingHanco*ck Natural Resource Group, Hanco*ck Capital Management and the John Hanco*ck Infrastructure and Real Estate brands, they will become Manulife Investment Management, with the exception of Hanco*ck Natural Resource Group which will evolve to be more closely affiliated with the Manulife Investment Management brand.

About Manulife

Manulife Financial Corporation is a leading international financial services group that helps people make their decisions easier and lives better. We operate primarily as John Hanco*ck in the United States and Manulife elsewhere.We provide financial advice, insurance, as well as wealth and asset management solutions for individuals, groups and institutions. At the end of 2018, we had more than 34,000 employees, over 82,000 agents, and thousands of distribution partners, serving almost 28 million customers. As of March 31, 2019, we had over $1.1 trillion (US$849 billion) in assets under management and administration, and in the previous 12 months we made $29.4 billion in payments to our customers. Our principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States are where we have served customers for more than 100 years. With our global headquarters in Toronto, Canada, we trade as 'MFC' on the Toronto, New York, and the Philippine stock exchanges and under '945' in Hong Kong.

About Manulife Investment Management

Manulife Investment Management is the global wealth and asset management segment of Manulife Financial Corporation. We draw on more than 150 years of financial stewardship to partner with clients across our institutional, retail, and retirement businesses globally. Our specialist approach to money management includes the highly differentiated strategies of our fixed-income, specialized equity, multi-asset solutions, and private markets teams—along with access to specialized, unaffiliated asset managers from around the world through our multimanager model1,2. Our personalized, data-driven approach to retirement is focused on delivering financial wellness in retirement plans of all sizes to help plan participants and members retire with dignity.

Headquartered in Toronto, we operate as Manulife Investment Management throughout the world, with the exception of the United States, where the retail and retirement businesses operate as John Hanco*ck Investment Management and John Hanco*ck, respectively; and in Asia and Canada, where the retirement business operates as Manulife. Manulife Investment Management had $837 billion in assets under management and administration as of March 31, 20193. Not all offerings available in all jurisdictions. For additional information, please visit our website at

1. Public Markets strategies managed by Manulife Investment Management, formerly known as Manulife Asset Management and John Hanco*ck Asset Management. Manulife Investment Management’s Private Markets platform offers long term solutions across private equity and private credit, real estate equity and debt, infrastructure equity, timberland and farmland.

2. John Hanco*ck Investment Management’s multimanager approach oversees a global network of over 30 unaffiliated asset management firms, managing more than 100 investment strategies, in addition to our affiliated asset managers.

3. Source: MFC financials. Global Wealth and Asset Management AUMA at March 31, 2019 was $837 billion and includes $189 billion of assets managed on behalf of other segments and $134 billion of assets under administration.

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As a seasoned expert in financial services and wealth management, it is evident that Manulife's strategic move to unify its global institutional, retail, and retirement businesses under the new brand, Manulife Investment Management, is a significant milestone in its transformation journey. This move reflects a deep understanding of the evolving dynamics in the industry and a commitment to becoming the most digital, customer-centric global company.

The evidence supporting the expertise of Manulife and the credibility of this transformation lies in several key aspects highlighted in the article:

  1. Global Unification: The consolidation of institutional, retail, and retirement wealth and asset management businesses worldwide demonstrates a comprehensive approach to serving investors across diverse markets, including the Americas, Asia, and Europe. This global unification positions Manulife as a cohesive entity ready to address the needs of investors on a global scale.

  2. Strategic Branding: The introduction of the Manulife Investment Management brand streamlines the company's identity and facilitates a more consistent experience for customers and intermediaries. The strategic use of different brands in specific regions, such as John Hanco*ck Investment Management in the U.S., shows a nuanced understanding of regional market dynamics.

  3. Enhanced Capabilities: The article emphasizes that the unified presence will bring additional capabilities to customers and drive efficiencies by leveraging the scale of the global wealth and asset management business. This indicates a strategic focus on enhancing services, optimizing operations, and delivering value to clients.

  4. Organic Growth: The restructuring is positioned to enable organic growth by amplifying awareness of the firm's size and offerings. The emphasis on a global model that can be delivered regionally reflects a sophisticated understanding of market nuances and a commitment to sustainable business expansion.

  5. Leadership Testimonials: Statements from Paul Lorentz, President & CEO, Global Wealth & Asset Management, further reinforce the company's commitment to providing the best of Manulife and John Hanco*ck's wealth and asset management offerings. This underlines a strong leadership vision driving the transformation.

  6. Brand Transition: The detailed information about how the new brand will be applied across different regions and business lines, replacing existing legacy branding, demonstrates a meticulous approach to the transition process and a commitment to presenting a unified front to customers globally.

  7. Financial Overview: The article provides key financial information about Manulife Financial Corporation, including assets under management and administration. This data reinforces the company's stature in the industry and its ability to manage significant financial portfolios.

In conclusion, the strategic move by Manulife to unify its global businesses under the Manulife Investment Management brand is not only well-founded but also supported by a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, a commitment to customer-centricity, and a strategic vision for future growth. This transformation positions Manulife as a formidable player in the global financial services landscape.

Introducing Manulife Investment Management (2024)


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