Italian Greyhound Puppies for Sale - (2024)


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All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, shots current (DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies where applicable), dewormed, flea and tick treated, and microchipped.  * If you are interested in a dog, please first read the biography on the dog (keep scrolling down for the bio!) and then go to our website, for an application. Our adoption fees vary. Each biography will specifically list the adoption fee.Adoption Fee: $650   STOP! DPS needs your help. Vote for Winky. We are finalists in grooming transformation contest. We need your votes. You can vote once a day but on multiple devices. The Candy Puppies are a litter of 3 month old adorable candy bars ready to be your sweet treat! This litter is 7 puppies: 4 girls and 3 boys. We suspect there were many dads with hands in the cookie jar as the puppies have a variety of flavors but Mom was a tiny Chi. Maybe they share an ancestor with Dumbo because they all have fabulous ears! We think Dads were a Yorkie, an Italian Greyhound, and a Pug. Puppies will likely be in the 6-9 pound range when they reach their adult weights.  If you are looking for a fun-sized candy bar to add to your home, look no further than the adorable Candy puppies!    Almond Joy (F): Almond Joy is an adorable and fun-loving puppy with a cuddly core of love! She is the perfect mixture of playful and cuddly, which makes her an ideal candidate for any home. She loves her people above all else and would love to spend her days taking on the world, as long as you are alongside her! Almond Joy loves showing off her zoomies and has a tail that wags faster than the speed of light when her foster parents greet her in the morning. She would love a home where she can continue living her best life, with lots of toys and snuggles. She’s even perfect for those with nut allergies, what more could you ask for? Baby Ruth (F): Baby Ruth is an explorer pup looking for a home ready to take on the world (from her tiny vantage point)! Baby Ruth adores people and has made herself a petite shadow for her foster mama. She loves soaking up the sunshine out in the yard but she also loves snuggling up on a warm lap as her siblings play around her. Baby Ruth is the kind of puppy who is very confident as she romps around to explore, but then when she realizes you aren’t following her she races back like “hey, come on”! Every day, Baby Ruth discovers a new way to make herself even more adorable and fabulous to her foster family and they know her forever home will be so lucky to have her!  Butterfinger (M): Butterfinger is a little guy with long legs and a big heart! This guy is smaller than a tennis ball which means he is the perfect size to scamper his way into your heart! Butterfinger is a Mama’s Boy to his very core and his favorite activity is cuddling up on a lap getting his adorable ears scratched while his siblings play fight around him. Butterfinger is very smart as well and is always the first to poke his head up when his foster parents come over with treats. He loves to show off and pose. Butterfinger would love a home where he can hang out and live his best life, whether that be sunning himself in the backyard or checking out the world from the arms of his forever people!  Kit Kat (M): Kit Kat is a ball of fun and brings down the house every night with his comedic exploits! Kit Kat is a total class clown and he does a great physical comedy bit: he takes a toy 4x his size and drags it around the house as his ears flap in the wind. This fabulous boy will keep you laughing throughout a lifetime of love and adventure. Kit Kat is also a charmer who knows how to park himself on a warm lap when he is ready for snuggles and pets. Kit Kat adores crawling into the pocket of his foster Mom’s hoodie and having her carry him around as he sees the world from new heights. Just another genius idea from our resident charmer! Kit Kat promises to bring flavor and excitement from the first bite!  M&M (F): M&M is the energizer bunny of her siblings and always gets the gang moving in the morning! However, as soon as you scoop her up, she is a cuddle puddle of love and adoration. She would love a home where she can get in on the action, even though you may need to give her a little time to grow into her legs. She looks the most unique of her siblings and boy does she know it! She is always happy to strut her stuff around the yard as she sniffs out new adventures to explore. M&M loves her people and wants you to adore her just as much! Looking for a road-trip gal? That’s her! Looking for an Instagram model? That’s her! Looking for an adorable and loving puppy with a heart of gold? You’ve met your perfect puppy with M&M.  Skittle (F): Skittle is a true rainbow of personality and flavor! This girl has a true Iggy personality and look to her, so lovers of the breed should look no further! Skittle is a perfect mixture of cuddly and playful and gets along with everyone she meets. She is happy to sit and hang out as you work but she is equally as overjoyed if you run around the yard with her and a toy. Her favorite toys currently include anything with a squeaker or a crinkle inside it. It is hilarious to watch her run around with toys so much bigger than her. Skittle would love a home where she can join in on all the action, from movie nights to trips to the beach. We know that once you meet her, you won’t be able to resist bringing her home!  Sour Patch (M): Sour Patch is a Mama’s Boy to his core. No sour with this boy, only sweet! Sour Patch is a tiny guy with a heart that is so big it can barely stay inside his body. He is more of a “sit back and watch the action” puppy than a “charge in head first” one, but he does like to play with his siblings! Sour Patch would be a perfect apartment dog as he is so small he barely takes up any space, but you’ll always know he is there because he won’t want to let you out of his sight! Sour Patch can’t wait to bring a burst of flavor and love into your life and get started on his forever adventures!    The puppies start their morning around 7 AM with breakfast as their play area is cleaned out from the night. They love saying hello to everyone in the foster home so the morning is their favorite time of the day. After they finish eating, the puppies get herded outside for playtime as the sun comes out. Throughout the morning they loop between play, sleep, and zooming around. After lunch at 1 PM, the puppies take a long nap piled on top of each other for an hour until they are ready for more fun! The afternoon is filled with more adventures in the toy bin as they romp around the yard and the house. They are ready for adventure! They come inside for dinner at 5 PM and then soak up cuddles from their foster family as everyone unwinds from the day. At around 10 PM, after lots of cuddles and play time, the puppies head to bed.  The Candy puppies have been well socialized with dogs of all ages and sizes. They adore people but due to their smaller size may not be the best option for small hands. As puppies, they will require socialization and training to ensure they are fabulous adults. We will be looking for homes ready to take on all that comes with the joy of puppyhood! If you are ready for a sweet adventure, you’ve met your match with one of our candy bars!    The Candy puppies are only an option for homes who have owned a dog in the last 5 years. We will be looking for individual homes for each puppy as we do not place siblings together. Kids in the home should be over the age of 8. May 17, 2024, 2:15 pm

Italian Greyhound Puppies for Sale - (2024)


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