Think you know Washington? Prove it - with Answer Man's trivia quiz. (2024)

It's time once again for Answer Man's Diabolically Difficult Washington Trivia Quiz. How difficult?

Well, Answer Man hopes each of you knows the correct answer to at least one question, but rare is the individual who knows the answers to all the questions.

The answers are below.

1. Washington's Starland Vocal Band took the title for its 1976 hit song "Afternoon Delight" from what?

a. a Titian painting in the National Gallery of Art

b. a matinee double bill at the Biograph Theatre

c. a lunch special at Clyde's restaurant

d. a "lunch special" at the Oriental East massage parlor

2. In the early 1970s, stories were circulating about a crazed, hatchet-wielding man attacking motorists and others in rapidly developing Fairfax County. What was the man supposedly wearing?

a. a hockey mask

b. a "Nixon's the One" campaign button


c. a bunny suit

d. nothing

3. The first northern snakeheads in the Washington area were discovered in a Crofton pond in 2002. How did the fish get there?

a. A man bought them to make a curative soup for his ailing sister but let them go when she recovered.

b. They were a natural result of interbreeding between the western snakehead and the eastern snakehead.

c. A water-main break flooded a nearby exotic pet store, washing the fish into the pond.

d. Taiwanese agents released them to discredit the Chinese government.

4. Edith Galt, who married President Woodrow Wilson in 1915, was known as the first woman in Washington to do what?

a. shoot a wolf in Rock Creek Park

b. swim naked in the Tidal Basin

c. own a saloon

d. drive an electric car

5. This fountain at Seventh Street and Indiana Avenue NW was erected to encourage passersby to do what?


a. worship Thoth, the ibis-headed Egyptian deity

b. stop drinking alcohol

c. stop killing waterfowl

d. go back on the gold standard

6. Long before Borf made headlines with his graffiti, another graffiti artist sprayed his name around Washington. Whose tag was ubiquitous on D.C. bridges and walls in the 1980s?

a. Top "Dog" Tom

b. Cool "Disco" Dan

c. Slick "Klezmer" Stan

d. "RGB"

7. Why is Lt. Thomas Etholen Selfridge remembered today?

a. He was the first person to die in the crash of a powered aircraft, at Fort Myer.

b. He discovered etholene, which the U.S. Army uses to clean tank treads, at the Smithsonian.

c. He invented the Selfridge Overlap, a bedrock of battlefield medicine, at Walter Reed.

d. He isn't.

8. The address of the old Comsat laboratories building in Clarksburg is 22300 Comsat Dr. What is the address's significance?


a. 22300 is the Zip code there

b. Feb. 23, 1900 (2-23-00) is the birthday of space pioneer Robert Goddard.

c. Satellite transponders oscillate at 22300 kilohertz.

d. Geosynchronous satellites orbit the Earth at an altitude of 22300 miles.

9. Match the cultural institution with the source of its benefactor's fortune:

i. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

ii. Freer Gallery of Art

iii. Wolf Trap

iv. Sackler Gallery of Art

v. Corcoran Gallery of Art

a. banking

b. Valium

c. railroad cars

d. uranium

e. discount clothing stores

10. Which street is the longest in Washington and the only one to run through three quadrants?

a. Pennsylvania Avenue

b. Massachusetts Avenue

c. Georgia Avenue

d. Foxhall Road

11. Put these events in chronological order:

a. First traffic light installed in Washington

b. First District firefighter killed in the line of duty


c. First heart transplant in the Washington area

d. First escalators installed in a Washington building

e. First African American played for the Redskins

f. First theater opened in Washington

12. In 1878, 120 immigrants from Germany were installed in their new homes at the base of the Washington Monument in the hopes that they would breed. They were not human. What were they?

a. Lipizzaner stallions

b. carp

c. rock ptarmigans

d. Nosferatu

13. Who or what was "Old Sparky"?

a. Pepco's first power-generating plant

b. Washington Senators' cleanup batter Lance "Sparky" Plugg

c. The D.C. Department of Corrections electric chair

d. The Smithsonian's Van de Graaff generator

Want some extra credit?

Which of these Post journalists has raised money for Children's Hospital?

a. Bill Gold b. Bob Levey c. John Kelly d. all of the above


The answer is "d," of course. We have two weeks left in our annual fundraising campaign and stand at around $160,000, almost halfway to our $400,000 goal. The tax year ends this week, so please act now. Send a check or money order (payable to "Children's Hospital") to Washington Post Campaign, P.O. Box 17390, Baltimore, Md. 21297-1390. To donate online with a credit card, go to; donate by phone by calling 301-565-8501.

ANSWERS: 1: c. 2: c. 3: a. 4: d. 5: b. 6: b. 7: a. 8: d. 9: i-d; ii-c; iii-e; iv-b; v-a. 10: b. 11: f (1800); b (1856); a (1925); d (1934); e (1962); c (1986). 12: b. 13: c.

Think you know Washington? Prove it - with Answer Man's trivia quiz. (2024)


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